ASK Meets the second Friday of each Month,  except December.
7:30 pm    Bon Air Library   2816 Del Rio, Louisville, KY  40220      574-1611

Every meeting begins with a discussion on the current planetary activities.

                                                 October 13, 2017         

                                      How Astrology Works                             

                                                   Wendell Perry


Wendell will look at an event in the life of a famous person and show how the combination of their natal chart, transits and progressions helped create that event.  This program will speak to all levels of astrological understanding.

November 10, 2017

 Saturn in Capricorn

 Dee Patterson


Find out what to expect as Saturn leaves rebellious Sagittarius and enters conservative Capricorn.





The study, research and dissemination of astrological knowledge.