"The Saturn Pluto Opposition (2001-2)"
Part One
By Felissa Rose

Retrograde Mercury, 2002

On January 18 at 3:51 PM EST the planet Mercury will go retrograde at 14 degrees 24 minutes in the sign of Aquarius. It goes direct on February 8 at 12:29 PM EST at 28 degrees 39 minutes of Capricorn.

Most of this retrograde takes place in the sign of Aquarius ruler of all technologies. Being in Aquarius the frequent breakdowns and delays occurring while Mercury is retrograde can considerably increase crashes and meltdowns of computer technologies. This is an unfavorable time for purchasing new computer hardware and software. This also applies to anything mechanical and electrical from TV sets, DVD players, stereo equipment, autos, and clocks.

Aquarius is the sign governing humanitarism and the human race at large. The planet Mercury rules connections including internal and external wiring from telephone and electrical ones to human interrelations to the body's nerves and conduits. Difficulties in making connections between different agencies and aid groups brought on by winter weather along with political and military factors can cause widespread unpleasantness and outright suffering of people in war torn and isolated areas. Hopefully reason, compassion along with preparedness by the organizations in charge of these operations will lessen the difficulties. When Mercury goes into Capricorn at the end of this retrograde period the need for structure and organization will be paramount and the relief effort will flow with more efficiency.

Influences of the Saturn - Pluto Opposition

On August 5, 2001 the planet Saturn opposed Pluto for the first time in a 10-month period. The next one occurred on November 2, 2001 at 1:09 AM EST and the final one on May 25, 2002 at 10:34 AM EDT. By now everyone is familiar with the terrorist events that are still taking place as I write this during late October 2001.

Pluto rules what lies underneath, those beliefs and feelings that simmer under the surface ready to emerge and often explode into reality. In astrology Pluto governs explosions, terrorism, and the need to transform. It also governs the mass consciousness of society as demonstrated by the Plutonian business of advertising. Pluto is presently moving through the sign of Sagittarius ruler of religion, philosophy, travel and foreign countries. Along with this Pluto rules obsessions, fanaticism, manipulation and hysteria.

Saturn rules structures and the organizations and systems set by society to enable it to run efficiently, including governments, business and corporations. Saturn is now transiting Gemini ruling information, books, newspapers and the general dispersing of information. Manifestations of a negative Saturn include control, fear and the resistance to change.

The Saturn Pluto opposition occurs every 36 years. The last time was in 1965 when the Vietnam War began to escalate. In 1993 when the World Trade Center was bombed for the first time Saturn made a square to Pluto in the sky. Interestingly ground was broken on the World Trade Center on August 5, 1966 making it the official birth date of the buildings. As previously mentioned August 5, 2001 was the first time Saturn opposed Pluto in 36 years and even though the terrorists acts were committed in September, the destruction of the World Trade Center close to it's birthday was astrologically speaking more than a coincidence.

Pluto, which was officially discovered in 1930 rules nuclear, and atomic energy. Saturn tries to crystallize and actualize whatever it attaches itself to. In 1945 when the atomic bombs were dropped in Japan, Saturn was at the point that Pluto was discovered at in 1930. Although Pluto wasn't officially discovered yet they were conjoined in 1914/1915 when the United States entered World War I. They opposed each other in 1931 at the onslaught of the economic depression and squared each other in 1940 at the beginning of World War II.

The Opposition

In astrology an opposition is exactly what it sounds like where two diametrically opposed forces face each other with contrasting views. This can create a head on collision or insight into the point of view of the other side hopefully creating awareness of the other position. While those responsible for these horrible acts should be punished and prevented from terrorizing others, it's important to exam their belief systems and try and understand what would motivate them to give up their own lives and take those of numerous others.

Along with the inherent violence connected with the Saturn Pluto opposition is an economic slowdown. The combination of these two energies creates or forces a desire to simplify one's life and live in a more Zen like environment.

From an individual's perspective this opposition rules clearing and cleaning out: going back to basics and eliminating what you've outgrown and no longer need by eliminating the clutter in your environment and living more simply. Internally let go of those patterns that keep you unfocused. Saturn rules fear and Pluto hysteria and during this period it's important to center oneself to be aware and alert to what is happening but not be drawn into the madness.

In the physical body Saturn rules the bones and joints and stress can create stiffness. Pluto governs the principal of inflammation. During this period there can be an increase of joint and muscle aches. It's important to focus and relax and it might be a good idea to get some bodywork to help break up any blockages.

I will discuss more on the Saturn Pluto opposition and some other manifestations in the horoscope of the United States in the next writing.

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