Mars Retrograde 2016

April 12, 2016                                                                                   Dee Patterson


Mars Retrograde


Mars was the Roman god of war, the son of Juno and Jupiter.     Mars became associated with battle and identified with the Greek god Ares.   In  Astrology, Mars rules or is associated with the sign of Aries and is the planet of action, war and new beginnings.

Mars retrogrades on April 17th in the sign of Sagittarius at 8 degree’s, and then returns back to  Scorpio, finishing it’s backward journey on June 29th when it reaches  23 degrees of Scorpio.

Mars and those born under the sign of Aries, want action, they want to get things done, they want it now. They are impatient and can be reckless.   Their motto could be “move or get out of my way.”   They will literally run over you in their quest to move forward.

When Mars goes retrograde, the energy becomes stymied.   The push forward is blocked and a person will feel as if they are moving forward in a foot of snow.   You still get there, but the journey is difficult and is considerably slowed down.  No matter how hard you push forward, obstacles will continue to appear until you might feel like exploding.  Resist, as this is just a waste of energy.   Allowing too much frustration and anger over this lack of progress can lead to health problems, not to mention damage to relationships.

When Mars is retrograde it is not a good time to start new projects.   There will be delays, misfortune or the whole thing could be a disaster.   Instead, it is a time to review what you have planned and see if there are adjustments to be made.  I started a business under this aspect before I understood the energy of retrogrades and it was a dismal failure, putting me into debt and depleting my savings.  I learned a valuable lesson, and that is that everything has its cycle and during a retrograde Mars, you do not want to start anything new.   Actions that need to be taken will be delayed, increasing your frustration levels.  It is better to take a step back, relax and wait for a more opportune time to launch your project.  If you have no choice in the matter, just be aware that there will be a multitude of problems that you can do little about.   Mars retrograde is asking you to become more patient and understanding.   Even when you would like to strangle someone, just know that this too will pass.   It is a good time to learn how to meditate or find other ways to calm yourself.

With Mars retrograde, the person who is being aggressive is the one who loses. This is true in lawsuits or war.   Whoever starts it is the loser.   Most of the challenges you will face are temporary and there can be many positive lessons to be learned.  Had I waited to start my business, I might have realized that it was not a good fit for me.   What I learned was that Astrology really works and to pay attention to planets and their aspects.

If you are single, this not a good time to engage in a new relationship that you hope will be long lasting.   Anger can be a problem that will constantly manifest and you will experience a high level of dissatisfaction with the partner.   It is very possible that there will be problems around sex, since Mars also rules sexuality.  This could be the withholding of sex, or one partner wanting more sex than the other or it could be the act itself is not satisfactory.     Especially since this retrograde Mars will spend some time in Scorpio which rules sex and hidden agendas.   Anger is another issue that can manifest under this aspect, so who wants to be in a relationship with someone who you are mad at all the time or is mad at you?

Anger in general can be a problem with retrograde Mars.   I had a friend who bought a home under a Mars retrograde.   Everything went well for the first two years.   He discovered that the home next door was a rental and the people who rented it were nice and thoughtful neighbors.   Then the owners’ daughter became of age and they did not renew the renters lease so the daughter could move into the house.   She  engaged in many late night and loud parties and my friend had to deal with her guests blocking his driveway. This led to many confrontations, calls to the police, while the owner did little to get his daughter under control.  My friend stayed angry about the situation, an aspect of Mars.   He finally gave up and put the house on the market and bought a new one under more favorable aspects.   He has not encountered any of these problems again.

These are just a few of the situations you can encounter when you start something new under a Mars retrograde.   Since Mars will retrograde in Sagittarius, be careful about arguing with people about their religious views, since Sagittarius rules religion.   If you are stopped by the Police, be courteous and compliant or you could be in big trouble.   You should avoid anything to do with the legal system unless you are responding to something directed at you.   While it is in Scorpio, resist the urge to “throttle” someone.   Watch out for the hidden anger of other people.   People can be more volatile during this time, so try to avoid getting caught up in the drama of friends and family.

You may also find that you do not have the energy you normally have for day to day functions.   Consider unwinding and taking life slower.  It is a time to look at the big picture and not to be caught up in the details.  At the end of this retrograde, it is possible you will have changed your view of what you initially wanted to accomplish.













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