Heaven Knows
Enter to win a free reading with well known and highly respected astrologer and psychic, Marilyn Gaddie.
Read her numerous past predictions that have been fulfilled regarding the Sept. 11th, tragedy, as well as her present predictions!
Wonderful spiritual messages and interesting articles.

Dee Patterson.com
Dee is a successful psychic and spiritual counselor from Louisville, Ky. Among her many services, Dee excels at relationship astrology, and has computerized reports available. Visit her web site to read some of her amazing past predictions concerning the Sept. 11th, tragedy and other events. Don't forget to browse through her gift shop of metaphysical products while you're there!

Astrology By Yvonne Harvey
Yvonne Harvey has been involved in astrology for 25 years. Visit her site to purchase charts and help you discover the special being that you are!

Mountain Astrologer
A wonderful, informative site with many links to other unique sites




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