solarThe goal of “ASK” is to advance the study of astrology to a professional status within our community and our nation.

Through our organizational efforts, “ASK” encourages and advocates freedom of speech and thought concerning the study and practice of astrology.

By facilitating the dissemination of astrological theory and research, “ASK” is attempting to improve the image of astrology, and to evaluate the standards of practice among its members and within the astrological community as a whole.

In order to educate and to overcome negative preconceptions among the general population, “ASK” endeavors to enhance its members’ abilities through continual study and research, to represent the membership honorably in the mass media, and to encourage conduct that sets and maintains the highest possible professional standards for astrologers everywhere.

To encourage the enthusiasm and enjoyment of the study of astrology, “ASK” provides a structured arena for communicating new information while simultaneously maintaining an atmosphere that is both spontaneous and fun.


The study, research and dissemination of astrological knowledge.