Saturn Through Houses

Saturn Through The Houses


Dee Patterson


Saturn transits can have profound effects on your life. Known as the teacher, when Saturn transits a house, you can expect matters of that house to come to the forefront for the next two and half years. Anyone interested in Astrology should always look at what Saturn is doing in your natal chart by transits. That is the area where you will experience lessons, both good and bad.

Saturn transiting the first house – During this time, you become more reserved and conservative in personal matters. This begins a new cycle in the life of the individual and letting go of the old can be painful. There is a focus more on the self and less on others in the person’s life.
Things that have up till now been tolerated, will seem oppressive and that it can no longer be tolerated. If you have been ignoring your health, then health matters will become a focus through illness or desire to improve the health. If it’s a relationship, you will find the things that do not work become more oppressive and can easily indicate a split as the person is now focused on their own needs, not that of others. If it’s a job that no longer works, then the job may be taken away or the person may decide to make a change. Whatever has been causing the individual unhappiness, we be brought to the forefront for a resolution. This is also a time when more responsibilities and duties requiring hard work put on the individual. During this transit, you need to get in touch with who you really are and what will make you happy.

Saturn transiting the second house – An emphasis will be placed on finances and business responsibilities. What do you consider your true worth? Do you value yourself? These are the types of questions that get brought to the forefront when Saturn is in the second. You may have to work harder to get ahead, but you will also learn what you need to do to earn more money to buy the things you want. It is a time where you will come to understand what the “things” you desire have a price that must be paid. Are they worth it. This is time when you could lose money. If this happens, it is because on a deeper level it is necessary to separate you from what you have as a way of identifying your self. Caution should be used in financial affairs and long thought, research and patience should be utilized before moving forward. It is a time where you have earned through hard work any gains you make in finances.

Saturn transiting the third house – During the transit of this house, learning become more important. You may be forced by your work to learn new information to do your job. You may decide to take on a course of study to advance yourself. Communications become more important and it is a good time to write, teach or do scientific research. You ability to mentally focus and concentrate become enhanced as Saturn puts structure into your thought process. Matters that relate to siblings can be problematic during this transit. Disagreements can cause rifts in the family. Caution should be used in signing any contracts. There is also the possibility that you can become more negative in your thinking. There could be many misunderstanding in communications as you are forced to develop your style of communicating, whether in writing or speaking.

Saturn transiting the fourth house – An increase in domestic and family responsibilities take place during this transit. Home repairs or remodeling may take center stage during this transit. Problems in your domestic life will be in the forefront. You may begin to work from the home or if you have been a home based person, you may go out of the home to work. Often, the person changes homes during this period. Parents may force you to take on a large role in their lives. Because the fourth house is also the basis for the inner self, It is also a good time to work through childhood psychological issues. It’s an excellent time for psychotherapy to ensure that the rest of your life is improved. You may also find yourself more involved with real estate, food or food services, farming and domestic products and services.

Saturn transiting the Fifth House – Matters involving children can come to the forefront during this transit. New children may be born, increasing responsibilities. Sometimes it indicates the loss of a child through miscarriage. You may become more involved in your children’s school. Problems around children can become a focus. It is also a time of creativity or the desire to be more creative. If you have been trying to create something, Saturn will give the structure to get the idea into a solid form. You may also have a strong desire to teach others the things you have learned. Affairs began with this transit could take a long time to develop or have many restrictions. Perhaps children interfere in some way with the relationship. While Saturn is in the fifth, it is not a good time to gamble to do other speculative ventures as they are unlikely to work out.

Saturn transiting the Sixth House – Matters pertaining to the job take the forefront. This can be in increased responsibilities or problems that relate to the workplace. You could become unemployed or be forced to do work that you dislike. If the job was one that you didn’t like, then you will be forced through circumstances to make a change, either physical or in attitude. You will pay attention to details in your work and seek organization to your work space. You become more productive. This is also a time when health problems can show up, especially if you have been ignoring the problem. It will become a crises demanding attention. You may change your diet and begin a physical fitness program. Pets and animals can become a problem through illness or loss, or you may acquire a pet. You might find yourself more concerned with the plight of animals.

Saturn transiting the Seventh House – Relationships become the focus, good or bad. If a relationship is not working, this is the time that it may end in separation or divorce. There may be more responsibility in relationships of all types. There can be challenges to relationships that result in a stronger bond. If you are not in a relationship, it can crystalize the desire to find a mate. It is time when you may also be involved in lawsuits. It’s a time to learn about how you relate to others in a partnership way. During this period, if you have been learning your lessons and applying them to your everyday life, you will begin to reap the rewards of a better life as Saturn moves up to the midheaven.

Saturn transiting the Eighth House – This is a time when other peoples resources can affect you. Your mate could lose their job, or a parent become ill and you take on more responsibility where finances are concerned. The individual may be forced to handle the affairs of someone who have died. Problems or financial losses can occur through joint finances and business involvements. If you haven’t been doing your taxes properly, this is time when they can become problematic. You might find difficulties in securing loans. You might also be given more responsibility in work with finances. It’s a time when you may develop an increased interest in the occult and the afterlife or mysteries of the Universe.

Saturn transiting the Ninth House – Your beliefs and philosophy become crystalized. You may join a new church or religious organization. The desire for others to know what you believe come to the forefront, although this can make you unpopular. You might decide to go to college or take other courses of learning. You may travel more for business and less for pleasure and encounter problems with travel. You could also be involved in lawsuits or problems with the law. If you are trying to get published, you might find that there are many restrictions.

Saturn transiting the Tenth House – This is supposed to be the harvest of all the hard work that came while Saturn transited house 1-9. It really depends on whether you have been preparing during prior transits. It is a time for greater responsibilities in your career. Your status and prestige should increase during this time if you have done the previous work. You can be forced into leadership roles. There is an opportunity to make an impression upon the world as an individual. If you haven’t done your work, this could be a trying time in terms of your status and career. There could be problems with authority figures or the loss of an authority figure, perhaps the father. Or greater responsibilities around parents. Decisions to change the career could emerge by the end of this transit.

Saturn transiting the Eleventh House – More responsibility can be assumed in organizations and groups. Friendships may change as you gain new awareness about what friendships mean. You could make new friends and re-connect with friends. This is a time to crystalize your hopes, dreams and wishes and you can bring them into concrete form.

Saturn transiting the Twelfth the House – This is a time where people often become more introverted and can lead to depression. There is a sense of needing to go within and it’s not a good time to try new ventures. Difficulties will prevent their fruition. This is a time for evaluation, so that when Saturn goes into the First House, you have cleared those things from you life that no longer work. It is also a time when you could be associated with hospitals, or asylums or other institutions through work or by being incarcerated. Confinement marks this transits whether by choice in withdrawing from society or through illness or incarceration. It’s a good time to be in therapy, to clear out the old baggage before moving into the first house.

Dee Patterson is a professional psychic, and is available for readings. She reads the past, present and future, is a medium and medical intuitive. She has served as President of the Astrological Society of Ky during 1989-91 and again in 2002-03. She does past life regressions, spiritual counseling and emotional release. She is the publisher of Odyssey. She can be reached by calling 502-894-9977, email:



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