Speaker Series

The 2023 -2024 Astrological Society of Kentucky Online Lecture Series

April 14, 2023
Bill Meridian debuts his research on Asteroid Sappho: The Sensuality in the Horoscope
May 12,2023
Adam Gainsburg on Chart Angles: Fuel, Angle, Tool Technique
June 9,2023
Kory Varlen spotlights Lunar Saros Series Eclipses as Pathways to Personality and Prediction
July 14, 2023
Wendy Stacey on Pearls of Tomorrow: How Birth Patterns Are Changing Astrology and Our Practice
Aug 11, 2023
Andrea Gehrz and Kenneth Miller preview their newly translated edition of Treatise on the Fixed Stars by Anonymous of 379 AD and Why It is an Essential Text
September 8, 2023
Michele Adler on Degrees of the Zodiac (including upcoming eclipses!)
October 13, 2023
Bill Johnston clues us into The Secret History of Project Hindsight
Nov 10, 2023
April Elliott Kent seeks to solve The Curious Case of the Void Of Course Moon
Dec 8, 2023
Ben Commons on Astro-Semantics: How to Speak Your Sky
January 12, 2024
Daisy Orr carves up The Thirteenth Harmonic Chart
February 9, 2024
Jenn Zahrt – Are There Charts After Death ? How to Do Post Mortem Predictions
March 8, 2024
Bob Mulligan on The Heart of Astrology for the Spiritually Minded
April 12, 2024
Wendell Perry investigates Generational Astrology: Natal Astrology in Generational Terms
Meeting are on the 2nd Friday of Every Month at 7:00 PM Eastern Time. Check our Join/Renew page for information about joining the ASK. For further information email us at astrologicalsocietyofkentucky@gmail.com

The study, research and dissemination of astrological knowledge.