by Marilyn Gaddie

Earth is duality, hot/cold, wet/dry, day/night, good/bad, etc.  Therefore, our soul is challenged, which way to use the birth chart (the blueprint of our life).  Every aspect in the birth chart, by transit (the planets have moved to this year of your life.) can work positively or negatively.  Many times, or most often both positive and negative influences show in the person and in their life.  As we evolve and work more on a spiritual plane, some of our former negative qualities will be shown by others in our lives.  An example, you had to conquer losing your temper and now you encounter someone in your life who throws temper tantrums.

There are three classes of human beings.  The undeveloped Ego who will act in response to outside influences, by the circumstances in which he is placed.  The developing Ego who will not always act in precisely the same way during repeated experiences.  This Ego will make decisions to break up former habits and to alter recurring events.  The Developed Ego who has learned by experience, the control of his emotions when passing through certain events, and will seek to turn those events, to a useful purpose in furthering his spiritual development.  A developing man will recognize —— “I am being angry and greedy.”  This will result in quite different behavior then the undeveloped Ego who never realizes they are angry and greedy.

It’s much easier to see events and what could occur for the undeveloped Ego.  How the person is likely to handle situations is easier to predict.  Its much harder to read the chart of a highly evolved person.  For example, the chart of St. Therese, the Little Flower, could indicate an attraction to someone who is weak and needs a caretaker, instead she became attracted to mating with God and praying for the weak and needy.  The same aspect, went to the highest interpretation of a sincere spiritual life.  All aspects in a chart, can go either for the good of for the worst.  Its up to the individual’s choices.

All interpretations are colored throught he lens of the astrologer who reads the chart.   It is hard to interpret a chart on a much higher plane then the astrologer who is reading the chart.

Our first breath represents what crystallized thought-forms, desires forms and tendencies brought over by the Ego from the past.  This form of expression is capable of modification and begins very quickly after birth.  Our soul is challenged which way to use our birth chart.  Every aspect (the energy field of the placement of the planets with each other) can work positively or negatively.  The progressed chart is an extension of the natal chart.  The natal chart works with the progressed chart.  The two are to be judged together.  The birth chart is like the spider web, all we have woven up till the moment of birth.  The spider (man) starts to move around the web of his life, shown by the birth chart.  It is our free will and how strong our will and character is that makes a person progress to an evolved man/woman or to more struggles within the nature of the chart or that person’s manifested universe.

The task of the astrologer is not to just to foresee events, but to help people create and to form their lives in a knowledge filled environment.  To realize, the planets do not make choices, we do.  Our goal is to help people to grow and evolve, to see they can be more than they ever dreamed.

No event or realization that is not predicted in the birth chart is likely to have any lasting significance for the individual.

In the progressed chart each day after birth represents one year of your life.  So fourteen days after your birth would represent your fourteenth year of life.

Look at your birth chart as just a single frame in a never ending movie.  The movie develops day by day.  The birth chart, the original “photo or freeze shot” remains constant.  It takes these dimensions to form the Multi-layered job of who we re and what we do with our life.  The progressed angles, ascendant, midHeaven, etc. and the planets show how we are evolving.  For example, any progression involving Uranus means tension between the self and society in some way.  “I no longer seem to fit in my existing environment.”

When a planet stations and appears to stand still from being retrograde or going forward, events tend to come to a head.  Example:  The night of the election in November 2000 between Gore and Bush, the planet Mercury stationed from retrograde motion (appearing to be traveling backwards in the sky as seen from the earth.) to direct motion at the 29th degree of Libra.  (29th of any sign is an ending degree of change).  Some of the meanings of Libra are leadership, important partnerships, OPEN ENEMIES, diplomats, the ability to negotiate.  So Libra in the 29th degree suggests change in leadership and the biggest change would have been the change from Democrat to Republican.  Remember, the delay in being able to say who won the election is indicated by the station of Mercury.   So in a progressed chart it would be very important for a planet to station before changing from forward to retrograde (backwards motion) or vice versa.

The progressed Sun in the chart represents our evolved male half of ourselves.  The ability to alter basic values and priorities, thereby allowing one’s actual behavior to reflect development in your life.  Are we strong enough to change the very basis of our identity, allowing ourselves the freedom to become what we have never been before?  The progressed Sun has the opportunity to change signs about three times.  It changes about every 30 years.  When the progressed Sun shifts from one sign to another, the underlying values and motivation that mold a person’s choices undergo basic alteration.  When the progressed Sun changes houses, the circumstances and behavior shift to a new arena.  The progressed Ascendant goes from the first house (Who am I?) to the second house (What am I really worth?)  When it goes to the third house,
(What can I still learn?  What do I have to teach?)  The progressed Ascendant will go no further than the third house in a lifetime.  How fitting, in the third house, we deal with teaching issues.  We hopefully have learned and now we have the wisdom to share before we die.

The progressed Moon, our evolving feelings (what does my heart need now? What is my most important emotional tie and need now?)  the progressed Moon, our evolving feelings, our feminine side and what do I need to make my heart sing?  The progressed Moon goes through the entire chart every 27 to 28 years, before returning to its original birth position.  So, every two and half years, the progressed  moon is in a different house and sign.  The progressed Moon in most lifetimes makes about three rounds of the twelve houses of the birth chart.  The first cycle at 27 or 28 is mostly centered on physical actions—passion or purity, bondage or freedom, good decisions emotionally or ones that make our lives difficult.  The second passage 28 to 56, our psychic and spiritual natures or we move to a darker, heavier energy.  The third cycle, 56 to about 84 brings wisdom, a deepened spiritual life.  This is the cycle of philosophy or we move into a fear of aging and dying.

At age 30,  Saturn returns for the first time and the natal sun/moon aspect repeats itself.  We are tested in our relationships and where we are going career wise.  We suddenly feel old and tend to pick on ourselves.  We become dissatisfied with the status quo.  At age 59 to 60, Saturn returns for 2nd time to birth position and natal sun/moon aspect returns but in different signs in the progressions.  As aging, looks us squarely in the face are we satisfied with our positions?  Is there something more, I want to do with my life, for me or for contributing to the world.  This is perhaps my last cycle to be pleased with the choices I now make for the rest of my life.  Where am I with my emotional cycle?  Have I integrated my male/female halves into a cohesive whole?

Your birth chart and how it changes describes what is happening in your sphere and shows choices and challenges as they come into manifestation.  Remember the choices are ours, earth is the planet of free will.

Marilyn Gaddie is a Professional Psychic, Astrologer, Reiki Master, Teacher, Lecturer and Writer.  She is a regular contributor to Odyssey and has been a featured guest on many TV and Radio programs and featured in news publications.  Along with Dee Patterson, they offer workshops and have produced two Prediction Tapes. She can be reached for consultations at  426-0452 or  or



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