August 2022 Featured Speaker and Event 

Cheiro the Wonderful: Talk to the Hand

a lecture by Kim Farnell

Cheiro was gorgeous – a world famous and charismatic practitioner of  palmistry who the mass media of his time portrayed as equal parts sex symbol,  clairvoyant, and occultist. His life story only makes sense when you bear that fact in mind. Although he’s heralded as the greatest seer of the twentieth century, his story has long been obscured by fantasy, misdirection and confusion. But the actual truth is as interesting as anything he ever invented about himself – for example, he really did know a princess who married a lion tamer. He also practised astrology in tandem with palmistry. We’ll look at aspects of Cheiro’s life as well as the techniques he used when performing readings and, of course, his A data horoscope! KIm Farnell’s ‘wonderful’ new book on Cheiro is currently available on Amazon.
Kim Farnell is an accomplished astrologer,scholar, writer,teacher and editor in the service of Mercury in the UK.  She has been Head of the Astrological Lodge of London and is currently pursuing a doctorate degree at University of Wales at Lampeter. She’s written quite a few books, both big and ‘little’, and not just about astrology.You can check out her other material on the Runes,the I Ching, and the History of Astrology. ( which includes biographies of Sepharial, Alan and Bessie Leo, and now Cheiro).

Aug 12, 2022 @ 7 PM EDT on Zoom

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