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The Pinball Approach to Predictive Astrology

The Pinball Approach is a combination of Horary, Uranian, Jyotish and Western astrological techniques. The Pinball Approach focuses on how the energy of transiting planets flow and stimulate the planets in a natal chart. … Plus the Pinball Approach is relatively easy to teach, learn, integrate and understand.  Additional predictive techniques will be added as time permits.  

A Lecture by

Anne Ortelee

Anne is a veteran astrologer based in New York City. She is widely known for her “Weekly Weather” podcasts and for her appearances on Astrology Hub’s YouTube channel. You can learn more about Anne on her website at


Dec. 10, 2021


7:00 PM EDST

Via the Zoom online platform

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The study, research and dissemination of astrological knowledge.