June 2022 Featured Speaker and Event 

 Crossing Over: A New Way to Use Secondary Progressions for Predictive Work

A Lecture by Dietrech Pessin

Dietrech explains” secondary progressions with the Q2, Daily Progressed Angles. This is the Mean Quotidian rate to progress the chart angles so that each planet can rise to the angles during the year (up to four times a year). This is a terrific method for investigating the secondary progressed chart on a daily basis. This is a FUN astrology tool, especially when used in tandem with the animation feature available on most popular astrological software. Each day – a new look at your Secondary Progressions. In general, this method shows the development of life events/changes by advancing natal planets at the rate of one ephemeris day but the angles advance approximately one degree a day. Normally we see secondary progressed planets for a year, during each year of life.  With an accurate birth time, the Q2 method gives you a valuable fresh look at the secondary progressed chart every day. Look to see this method demonstrate how, why, and when a prominent progressed aspect is activated right before or after an aspect is brought to perfection.

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June 10, 2022 @ 7 PM EDT on Zoom
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