Astrology: A tool for understanding

Astrology:  A Tool for Understanding

by Mary Keswani

Have you ever had an astrological reading?  If not you owe it to yourself to discover what your natal chart says about you.  Astrology is a symbolic language.  The time, date and place of your birth are used to create a picture representing the position of the planets in the sky at the moment you took your first breath. Your personal chart can help in understanding what you need to learn in this life.  The combination of signs and planets reflects your individuality.  The chart wheel provides a map for seekers who desire to understand more about themselves and their place in this world.  Examining your strengths, weaknesses and basic temperament can assist in personal growth.  I believe we were born on this planet at the specific time which resonated most clearly with our soul’s plan for growth. 

     The difficulty with astrology as with any science is that there is a tendency to break things down into their smallest parts and isolate them from the whole.  Astrologers must remember not to focus only on specific astrological traits or aspects in defining an individual.  It is our duty to interpret the components of a birth chart within the context of the entire horoscope.  You are so much more than just your Sun sign.  All 12 signs of the zodiac are in each birth chart or horoscope.  The signs represent energies which are expressed in our lives.  Individual differences arise based on which areas of life are associated with each sign as well as the location of the planets around the wheel.   An astrologer will look to see what patterns are created by the placement of the planets at birth.

Just as your DNA contains all of the information that relates to you as a living being, your natal chart contains the code to your personality and aptitudes. Social scientists have long been able to predict the average development of a person based on age. A baby is expected to sit up or to walk within a specific time frame. Adolescents experience major changes about the same time as others within their age group. Astrology gives you a tool for predicting when inner or outer changes will occur in the life of an individual no matter what age or stage of life. Your personal timing may be very different from that of others. Your birth chart contains the framework of your life, but it is not set in stone. An individual has free will to make choices within the structure suggested by their chart.

We each have our own script in life where we attract lessons and events that are necessary for our evolution.  Every person’s role is significant.  Don’t assume that everyone must following the same path.  I have seen charts of family members in which it is evident that they all chose similar themes.  The birth charts will indicate signs or aspects (geometric relationships between planets) which tend to repeat.   However, there are many cases when a person does not seem to have anything in common with parents or siblings.  There may be a high degree of stress present as well meaning parents attempt to push their children onto a specific path.  How many people do you know who feel like the Ugly Duckling, the swan who could never seem to fit in with his duck family?  If this description is familiar, you owe it to yourself to discover your unique identity.

A thorough reading of your birth chart may explore issues such as personality, relationship patterns, career potential and attitude towards money. A professional astrologer can also provide updates to explore what types of energies you can expect for the future.  By anticipating when you will experience conflict or perhaps a blossoming of your personal creativity you can feel prepared for times when everything or nothing seems to change.  Astrological readings can point out opportunities for personal transformation; times when you may be under significant stress which might manifest physically and beneficial periods to explore a career move or relationship change.  An astrologer should never make a decision for you.  A good astrology reading will empower you with information about current cycles and energetic influences so that you can direct your own life.

Astrology is a tool.  It should validate your own intuition and leave you with a sense of hope.   I invite you to make an appointment with a professional astrologer to explore your unique potential.


Mary Keswani is an astrologer with over 26 years of experience and is a member and former president of the Astrological Society of Kentucky.  Mary speaks with clients in person or by phone.  She has clients across the United States and in several foreign countries.  She is available for lectures and workshops. You may contact her for a reading at 502-429-5119 or


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