Manipulator Handbook

Secrets From the Manipulator’s Handbook: Part 1

Jeff Baugher

(CAUTION: This article may not be appropriate for the immature, for the overly serious, or for certain Scorpios.)

Have you ever been manipulated by another person? Doesn’t it feel horrible when someone pushes your buttons and seemingly controls your reactions against your will?

This is the first article in a series that unmasks the secrets of controlling behavior. I hope you will use this information to become less prone to manipulation. Or, you can use this to successfully manipulate family, friends, and even strangers. It’s your karma, not mine.

First off, no single technique works on everybody because we are all different. So, what approach will work for a particular target person? And is there a simple method that offers a “manipulation key” for each personality type?

We can tap into a vast body of wisdom, a resource so powerful that Carl Jung once called it “the summation of the psychological knowledge of antiquity.” What we are talking about is – astrology.

Because we need something quick and dirty here, forget about exact birth times and carefully calculated horoscopes. Knowing a person’s Sun Sign makes us privy to insights about their basic life goals, strategies, and psychological tendencies. For the first installment of the Handbook, the manipulation keys for the sign of Leo are described below.

July 23rd – August 22nd Leo the Lion

These individuals are bent on developing their ego. And they accomplish this by taking what’s personal and creative inside of themselves, and sharing it with the world. “Showing your stuff,” especially to strangers, is what Leo is all about. Leo is escaping from the emotional safety of the family in order to celebrate the self through drama, performance, and being the center of attention.

So how do you control a personality like Leo? Attend to this sign’s ego, and you will be in the driver’s seat. Stroke, pet, and heap on the praise. As an example, I have observed Leos when shopping. If the sales person simply repeated the Leo’s name in conversation, you could mark down a successful sale. Acknowledging their massive ego, even in a small way, puts you in control of the situation. Think “monster” vanity, and you are on the right track.

Leo’s biggest Achilles heel is the need for public attention and recognition. To psychologically bring a Leo to his/her knees, offer public criticism, particularly if it involves something very personal. Because Leo is so acutely aware of his/her public image, this type of incident could feel like the proverbial fate worse than death. One of the quickest ways of getting Leo’s attention is by putting your attention somewhere else. Even though Leo is quite strong, this sign quickly withers when the audience disappears. Subtly threatening to take away an opportunity for Leo to display his/her talents or be publicly recognized gives you powerful leverage.

Don’t forget that for Leo, the “whole world is a stage,” and every performance is dependent on the audience’s response and approval. Take advantage of this critical weakness, and you too, can easily control the Leos in your life.

Jeff Baugher is a professional astrologer and certified ShadowWork® Coach. He is available for individual consults (in-person or by phone), talks, and workshops. 502.459.4690


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